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Production Line Powder Coating

The Production Line Powder Coating has a continuous Conveyor Line, which allows parts to clean, dry, powder coat and cure. High volume parts are powder coated on the conveyorized Production Line. Parts are hung on the conveyor, proceed though a Spray Washer for cleaning, phosphatizing, and rinsing. The parts leave the spray washer and go through a dry off oven for moisture removal. From the dry off oven the parts go to the spray booth where the parts are powder coated. Leaving the spray booth, the parts go through the curing oven for curing of the powder.

Custom Powder Coating

The Custom Powder Coating is used for smaller quantities that require special handling and/or masking. The parts are powder coated in a batch operation. Parts are cleaned, phosphatized and rinsed in a batch process with a Wand Sprayer. The parts are powder coated in batch Spray Booths and Cured in Batch ovens. Custom parts masking is available.

Bead Blasting

Parts that require paint or scale removal are Bead Blasted in a bead blasting room or blasting cabinet. Walnut shells are used as the blast media, since it is less aggressive than sand and won’t pit or deform the parts being blasted.

FullMetal Imaging

FullMetal Imaging is a Gemtech Powder Coating process that allows us to create a full color image on a powder coated metal panel. This makes a very durable, graffiti proof, water proof and virtually indestructible. The clarity of the full color image is of photo quality.


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